Monday, August 24, 2009

Animal rights

Well, hi again on the second part of my blog, this time I will write about the animals rights in chile, this are a complicated thing because there are no law about that and are so much animal maltreat. The Tv shows to the public the maltreat animals, like hurt horses by their owns or dog fight with very blood included. It's very sad, but this news only last one minute in the minds of the people and then they forgot it.
If we want bee a develop country we must had a laws that protect the animals, but I suposse that we must wait, as all the important laws in this country.
Well meanwhile take care your animal, because it's so important, it's a life too. In this country are many dogs in the streets without a house and many people think that must died. In my opinion some organization must create an alternative for the dogs murderer.So we must take care the animals!!! and if they don't like you well it's your option but we must have tolerance because as we live with different peoples we live with other animals ( we are animals too, but many people feel top of others) and must create a great world. I want save the world like the miss Chile jjajaja.

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