Monday, April 27, 2009

History Art.

Well I study history art, its a career very old but in this country is not very comun, the class has a few students with interest in comun of course ART!

The professionals contribute a lot for the society beacuse we analize the art in a philosophical way and its great how in the same piece of art can be many critics, interpetrations and a lot of point of view.

A student of history art must use many tools like esthetic, philosophy, history art in other things. This elements help us to have a knowledge what we must to have for aplly in our future job. But our career its not only paintings, we learn about movies too and this is a thing that I like it! one of my favourite directors are a Spanish guy, his name is Luis Buñuel his movies are surrealist and he was a Dali`s friends (surrealist painter), Buñuel make many movies but I like one in special, the name is "Viridiana", I´ts a critic for the realigion and charity, in the picture you can see a ironic scene about the "Last dinner" when is compose for homeless people and the blind man is Jesus. I love it!
The esthetic is my favourite subject because I like analize what are behind a painture and understand the maind of the artist.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rupanco Lake

I like visit in vacation Rupanco Lake, this place it`s a three hours of Osorno and is a very beautifull place, I go there all my holidays with my best friends, it´s wonderfull because the house when I stay in Rupanco doesn´t have electricity and the only way to get water is from the lake, all is so natural and relax because I dont have contact with the city.

Rupanco`s doesn´t have cars, only boats for go to one place and other. Get there it´s dificault because you need wait for a boat who cross only two days at week.

When you get at the house your shocking because it´s beautifull!, The house is green for not interrupt the habitat and in front of this you can see the "Puntiagudo" volcan but when rains all clouds cover the view but it´s nice because it feels like your in the sky.

Monday, April 13, 2009


My name is Camila Caris, I`m 19 years old and studie art history at the Chilean University.
I like the movies, photographie, paintings, painters and visit new country for leard about the differents cultures.
I live in Santiago de Chile.
In this blog you can found a lot of interesting thing to entertaint yoursefl like information about music, art,travels and society.
This blog are create for my class of english, I try to make a nice place when the users can read good things, see photos and have a good time.