Thursday, September 24, 2009

Come tourist!

Well I will talk about the places that the tourist can go in santiago. A lot of people see santiago like an ugly city but it´s not my opinion because I consider santiago a big city with a lot of nice places to visit. In my opinion a if the tourist have childrens they can visit the brasilian square because is beautifull and its a place when the kids can have a good time playing. The turist can go to the central market, its a typical place for eat "casuela" ( typical chilean food) and see the people customs.
And for some culture you can go to the theater, many young actors now have their own plays and it´s interesting take a look. You can see dramatic or a comedy play, you choose or if you want it´s very nice see dance, visual arts, music. well santiago it´s the capital so you can go to anywhere and do all that you whant.
I will give a top of things that I consider atractive for the tourist:
1.All the circuit of bellas artes museum, forestal park, merced, etc. In that place the tourist can relax, go and drink a coffe with a nice view, walk and see the interesting designer shops and spend his money jajaja.
2 If you want a historian circuit you can go to the "palacio de la moneda", or go to the nacional library, or the archeologist museum for finish your travel with something in a restorant in Manuel Mont calls "El Cachafaz", very nice.
3 And the last place but not less important is Bellavista, I love this place because you can go with your friend drink or eat something, talk with different persons and laugh all the time. Well it´s no very safe for the turist but if you go with carefully won´t happend nothing. Bellavista is great, you seat and can stay all the time that you want and if you are boring can dance, you are free to do anything.
Well this is a few of places that the tourist can go, obviusly miss many but if the tourist have other planes, just pregunta someone and that´s it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fur Breakfast

Well thinking in my favourite avant- garde is difficault for me because many artists revolutionized the art.In my opinion I like more de modern art than the old because brake the rules of representation and can used it like a tool to changes more things that the most people think. But well.. I must give the name of an artist so I will talking about one of the firsts womans who incorporated in the artist field ( consider like a mans works) her name is Meret Oppenheim. Her art can be catalogued with the surrealists because she did work with this movement and exposed too with others surrealist paintures.
I like very much her " Fur Breakfast" because she changes the way of view for many persons. She envolved with fur a porcelain cup (an daily object used for the burguesy in that epoch and now in England jajaja), the fur make a discosting sensation and that was the idea, make a a joke of they habits. All this objects with fur will significate a fetichist thing with sexual connotations for the surrealists.
I love her art because was a woman who changes the canon, she posed for the Man Ray´s photographs too, now can be a typical situation but for the epoch no, that was very important because no many womas did that she demostrated that was a moderm girls, visionary and a creative person.