Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fur Breakfast

Well thinking in my favourite avant- garde is difficault for me because many artists revolutionized the art.In my opinion I like more de modern art than the old because brake the rules of representation and can used it like a tool to changes more things that the most people think. But well.. I must give the name of an artist so I will talking about one of the firsts womans who incorporated in the artist field ( consider like a mans works) her name is Meret Oppenheim. Her art can be catalogued with the surrealists because she did work with this movement and exposed too with others surrealist paintures.
I like very much her " Fur Breakfast" because she changes the way of view for many persons. She envolved with fur a porcelain cup (an daily object used for the burguesy in that epoch and now in England jajaja), the fur make a discosting sensation and that was the idea, make a a joke of they habits. All this objects with fur will significate a fetichist thing with sexual connotations for the surrealists.
I love her art because was a woman who changes the canon, she posed for the Man Ray´s photographs too, now can be a typical situation but for the epoch no, that was very important because no many womas did that she demostrated that was a moderm girls, visionary and a creative person.


  1. yea!!! the inscription of the feminine in the modern art!! the woman power!
    (i m not a feminist XD)

  2. Hii!
    Camila I don't know her but by your post I think that see was so important and "revolucionary" too.

  3. Im so agree, womans in art has to appear
    well, that all
    have a nice vacations!!

  4. wooo
    I like it!
    a hairy sexual spooon!!!!