Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hello people!!! Im so happy today because we are in November and the holidays come!!! But now I write about the challenges of my career (Art History) with different topics like technology, social matters and education.
Well the technology never has been friend with the arts in general, but nowadays the thing start to change, for example a weeks ago with some friends we went to Buenos Aires to hear different expositors talking about cuestions refer to arts. One of they talk about the videogames, that is a technological thing, she tell us that her work was "inspirated" in the aesthetics of videogames. That for me was very interesting because Im not used to see that tipe of work and I consider as a challenge because the technology is a topic that could be more exploted for the artists in this days. But in my opinion the art and technology don´t must had a close relation, because the art It´s a way to open our eyes as community and show us how we are, the technology can be a tool to work but don´t be the only thing that the art works, that will be a difficault thing.
Now talking about social matters, for the arts it´s not a big challenge because the work of the arts it´s the community: their behavior, their thinkings, the capitalism and many other things. I don´t want the art start to be only a product of consume, I know that the people nowadays don´t value the art for that it is and the only important is the cost of the work, but the art need be the element of change and not been only a kitsch thing.
And the last topic that we must write is the education, mmmm... a big challenge. But more than the art challenge It´s the state challenge, our country must develop the art education, the art is not a thing of few people, the art must be teaching in the schools and not only in the universities, I don´t talking that the schools must teach the student all the elements to know about art, but we (as students) need know as part of our culture, like we know mathematics, or history.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi! I will talk about sects, really I choose this topic at the start of the class but honestly I don´t know a lot of this area, Buy well I need talk something.

The sects It´s a group of people with interest in comun can be religions, culture or politics. At the beginigs of the history name SECTS was for the people that follows a person,but now the modern term it´s became a controversial topic because the most of the people when thinking in the sects they related it with dangerous religions rituals and their consider as a problem for the community. The catholic religions it´s against the sects practice because their consider "heresy", that invoqued the devil and other ridiculous stuffs.

I believe that the sects are not a problem for the society, it´s the opcion of a person and we must respect that like we respect all our thinkings, when meanwhile their rituals or believes don´t affects the liberty of the other pepople It´s all rigth! and great for them,but obviously they must respect the other peoples belief.

In my opinion the state must take care of more relevant things like crimes and murders. They must leave alone the sects. But this topic it´s not so easy to talk because in the news a years ago a women of a sects died and she was buried at the garden, her family didn´t know that she past away and then their know that days before,the sect leader was to the jail for buried someone at the garden, not in a cemetery without say the family. It´s a controversial topic because their belief was that someone died they must bueried in the land and not go to the cementery, but for the state thats it´s like a murder and what It´s your opinion about that? It´s a interesting thing to think.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Art Contemporany

Hi! I will talk about some different artist that interest me, that artists I sawfor first time in a galery in London all SAATCHI, the website is I like so much the contemporany art well not all but this website has a lot of interesting things. But the webside doen't have many information about it.

The first is a large installation call "Ghost" made for the artist Kader Attia. It's a group of Muslim women in prayer, Attia renders their bodies as vacant shells, empty hoods devoid of personhood or spirit. Made from tin foil - a domestic, throw away material. I like this instalation very much because Attia’s figures become alien and futuristic, synthesising the abject and divine. Bowing in shimmering meditation, their ritual is equally seductive and hollow, questioning modern ideologies - from religion to nationalism and consumerism - in relation to individual identity, social perception, devotion and exclusion. Attia’s Ghost evokes contemplation of the human condition as vulnerable and mortal; his impoverished materials suggest alternative histories or understandings of the world, manifest in individual and temporal experience. The first time that I saw it was for a test, I found out and I love it for the idea of comunity and that was just I look it for.

The other installation that I like so much and I used it in the same test was made for two cuban mans called " Guerra de la Paz" the name of the group is the union of their surnames because one called Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz.

Originally sourcing their materials from the waste bins of second-hand goods shipping companies in Miami’s Little Haiti, Guerra De La Paz make their sculptures from the discarded items of daily life. Viewing their practice as a kind of ‘archaeology’, their work engages with the history inherent in common debris and its possibility for recycled usage. In Nine, a giant mound of clothing heaps with strata of prom dresses, Christmas jumpers, and embarrassing yesteryear fads, bearing down with the weight of a civilisation and its disowned memories. Beneath the fringes of the hulking mass can be seen the feet of nine people supporting the load, a testimony to the strength and value of community, It's in my opinion comun topic in this two installation, the union of the people that make community and a critic for that we are now and our attituds.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My U

Okey, I will talk about the situation of my university. When I was in the school my dream was stay in this faculty and in my firsts days here I didn´t complain but the days past and past and past and I start to see the bad things. He have a lot of problem started for the infrastructure, the classrooms haven´t the equipment to resist the extreme cold or hot temperatures. And the money, that´s a big problem because this faculty are very poor so for example we don´t have paper for the toilets ( all the universities have it, it´s basic!) because the u haven´t the money for it.
In my opinion the faculty need impovent the clasrooms and the system of award for the good students. Many of us want go out of the country to continue study, but the university don´t have enough money to finance and the big problem is that very inteligent people lose the oportunities because the can finance. I think that it´s a deficit of the system design and problems with the money invest. To fix that we need a organization who see all money movements because all the students need know where going the money and what are the university invests. With this steps all are winers (except the state thief) the art student have more oportunities and the infrastructure improve, started with the toilets, green areas, more data shows, notebooks, etc. 
Mmmm, really I don´t have others recommendatios because all that I wrote it´s a nice constructive critic.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Come tourist!

Well I will talk about the places that the tourist can go in santiago. A lot of people see santiago like an ugly city but it´s not my opinion because I consider santiago a big city with a lot of nice places to visit. In my opinion a if the tourist have childrens they can visit the brasilian square because is beautifull and its a place when the kids can have a good time playing. The turist can go to the central market, its a typical place for eat "casuela" ( typical chilean food) and see the people customs.
And for some culture you can go to the theater, many young actors now have their own plays and it´s interesting take a look. You can see dramatic or a comedy play, you choose or if you want it´s very nice see dance, visual arts, music. well santiago it´s the capital so you can go to anywhere and do all that you whant.
I will give a top of things that I consider atractive for the tourist:
1.All the circuit of bellas artes museum, forestal park, merced, etc. In that place the tourist can relax, go and drink a coffe with a nice view, walk and see the interesting designer shops and spend his money jajaja.
2 If you want a historian circuit you can go to the "palacio de la moneda", or go to the nacional library, or the archeologist museum for finish your travel with something in a restorant in Manuel Mont calls "El Cachafaz", very nice.
3 And the last place but not less important is Bellavista, I love this place because you can go with your friend drink or eat something, talk with different persons and laugh all the time. Well it´s no very safe for the turist but if you go with carefully won´t happend nothing. Bellavista is great, you seat and can stay all the time that you want and if you are boring can dance, you are free to do anything.
Well this is a few of places that the tourist can go, obviusly miss many but if the tourist have other planes, just pregunta someone and that´s it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fur Breakfast

Well thinking in my favourite avant- garde is difficault for me because many artists revolutionized the art.In my opinion I like more de modern art than the old because brake the rules of representation and can used it like a tool to changes more things that the most people think. But well.. I must give the name of an artist so I will talking about one of the firsts womans who incorporated in the artist field ( consider like a mans works) her name is Meret Oppenheim. Her art can be catalogued with the surrealists because she did work with this movement and exposed too with others surrealist paintures.
I like very much her " Fur Breakfast" because she changes the way of view for many persons. She envolved with fur a porcelain cup (an daily object used for the burguesy in that epoch and now in England jajaja), the fur make a discosting sensation and that was the idea, make a a joke of they habits. All this objects with fur will significate a fetichist thing with sexual connotations for the surrealists.
I love her art because was a woman who changes the canon, she posed for the Man Ray´s photographs too, now can be a typical situation but for the epoch no, that was very important because no many womas did that she demostrated that was a moderm girls, visionary and a creative person.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


uuuuh, the transantiago system it´s a complicated topic to talk. Well it´s better depends the borough, in some places the transantiago are a good system, the new buses are better than the others, but the people still unformfortable, and they right. Well in my opinion I think that transantiago is a bad design because it wasn´t necesary change the routs, many people now must walk so much to get a bus stop and in the winter or when rains it´s terrible!

In my experience when the system start i hated it so much!, I always traveled on metro but with the transantiago a lot of people start to go on metro and it´s was and other problem . The metro was full! and you can see on news all the disgustings mans do everything with the school girls. Well but now the thing are better, there are more routs and more buses, the people get use the transantiago. it´s not the best way to travel but it´s fine.

In my opinion I would not change on the routs but I will enfoqued on the streets; The sistem of transantiago now works, but with all the holes on the streets the machine will not surviver for many years, but obviusly we must wait beacause all the changes in this country took a lot of timeee!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Animal rights

Well, hi again on the second part of my blog, this time I will write about the animals rights in chile, this are a complicated thing because there are no law about that and are so much animal maltreat. The Tv shows to the public the maltreat animals, like hurt horses by their owns or dog fight with very blood included. It's very sad, but this news only last one minute in the minds of the people and then they forgot it.
If we want bee a develop country we must had a laws that protect the animals, but I suposse that we must wait, as all the important laws in this country.
Well meanwhile take care your animal, because it's so important, it's a life too. In this country are many dogs in the streets without a house and many people think that must died. In my opinion some organization must create an alternative for the dogs murderer.So we must take care the animals!!! and if they don't like you well it's your option but we must have tolerance because as we live with different peoples we live with other animals ( we are animals too, but many people feel top of others) and must create a great world. I want save the world like the miss Chile jjajaja.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My future, maybe

In five more years I suppose see me do it a magíster in some other country about some thing jajaja or if is not in other country here in Chile because I will had 25 years and I want apart study work in something related with art for living alone and not depend of nobody. I want study a lot of for had more capacities in my field but I don´t want bee a eternal studiant and stay all my life in the university with made nothing. I see me in the future working in a gallery or make my own gallery with a coffe shop but this a plan for more than five years, I need a loooooot of years to make it and I need get a lot of money but I don’t really know, everything is unpredictable.
In personal way I don´t want be childrens a los 25 because if I don´t know what gonna happened in my future less know about some else, but everything can change in seven years from now jejeje. I hope living in a flat in a nice place with no much car noise and be happy doing my things obviously related with art.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Im talking about the video Ken Robinson's video and the importance about the creativity for the childrens education. The first part he talk about that the creativity is a element so important for a person like the education, and all childs have a creativity inside, for drawing amasing thing or tell something that can sorprendernos.

Ken Robinson says too that if the people doen´t wrong, its impossible create something original. All must have mistakes for learn of that and make new things to make adults and had capacity for confront that mistakes and don´t have frear in a future in our works or life, im agree with he.

He said that picasso thought that all childrens are artists but the problem is when grow because the education don´t motivate the child capacities, the school create persons for the industrialism no are artists beacause the always say that" you dont gonna be an artist" and you dont gonna get any job with that, but he that examples of people that made be a dancer and have a lot of succesfull in her life.

The people incentive the creative in the childrens to make a new view of the world.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The best subject!

My favourite subject this semester was the Carlos Perez class because he teach us about Freud and psychoanalysis, we learn about freud and analized different movies and literature. Its great because this class allow us see a piece of art in the psychoanalysis way.

Carlos Perez is my teacher I know he sometimes scare me because he speck so loud but it’s a really good teacher and he motivates us to thinking new things about the art. I like this subject very much for many reason but the most important is the tools that I learn to analize a piece of art, not in narratives term but yes in the tale estructure . The author give you signals to find the real significated about what he really want say and our work its finds this signals and interpretated making hypothesis. We are like detective art jajjaja.

I learn a lot of this semester in specifically how the psychoanalyst work in the art, the piece of art and their content is like the vocabulary of the one patient he occulted in his mind the real significated mediante signals that became to the “real live” but like syntoms, we like analist must be carfuly and see ( in a painture or poem) what is the real point of view the author.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My friend Kant.

Well I know that Kant is not a person that many people love it and I know too that he provoqued a lot of headaches in the sudents of history art jajaja but I consider this man the best in create the aesthetic concept, and the artist like a genious well all his books are the base for our carreer and the arts.
Kant is a german philosopher and he is considerate the most influential thinkers in the modernism, he wrote about history, religion law in other things and obviously ART. There are three books that are so important: Critique of pure reason, critique of practical reason and critique of judment the last critique is that I know more :)
I can say that he is the philosopher that i love but y consider that he is crucial in my life like student jajaja for all his work in general and the history contribution, he was for me a revolutionary person because he change the view of the people and the future generations of lectors.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My best friend.

Well i don´t had a best friend because i had few real friends and all are the best, but Maca is like a sister for me, i know her since eleven years, both went to the same school and our parents are best friends too so we are a big family, i do everything with Maca go to a parties, celebrate chrismas, new year, birthdays i don´t know many things, all that a person can do with somebody jajaja.
To make a lot of things together we are so differents! our personalities are the oposite i think that this element is for what reason we are so close, she is my complement and i for her, the things that make me get ungry she doesn´t and she calm me, I love her, she is the best for me! always she give me the advice that i need, well i give her too jejeje.
we`re never fallen out, i don´t know the reason but must be the complement that we are and i think that this not will happen in our friendship because we are very close well i don´t must be so confident but i hope don´t happen never :(. All my experiences with her are so funny but know i can remember jeje but all are pranks all the most of them.
Well she is my best friend and everybody must know her, she is great, sometimes she brings in her car to the university so then you can see her jejeje.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My favourite website

I don´t like very much the internet, but there are some pages on the web that I consider interesting when im boring or when I want know different things like music, concerts, clothes in other stuffs.
This website it calls , I discovered it when I was watching a tv program in Via X, a girl talked about this page when we can find a lot of girls stuffs that I like it, many times in this page I find the future concerts, parties, videos from youtube about artists that I like, tips for places where they sell alternative music, clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, presents, I don´t know many things.
I visit this website very ofter because all days had new things to see and it is special for me beacuse I will like to do a similar place when the people find information that its not comun or make food critics (that it´s a topic that I like very much, go to a restoran eat good meal and critic that jajaja).

Monday, May 4, 2009


I don´t use much the technologicals pieces but I have a Mp3 player that I like it very much because when I go to somewhere I love listen my music and be desconected with the noise of the cars, the horn, the angry people well very things.

My first mp3 was a gift of my mother for christmas but I don´t remember well exacly the day, but was a long time ago. This mp3 somebody steal to me and I had to save money and buy me other, but this new mp3 I don´t use because I don´t changer it very often.

All the people can live without a mp3 but exist many people who love the technology and they get used to use this things, I am not this kind of people but somedays I want go to the university and listen music for make me the travel more pleasant.

Well in fact the technology helps to the life people not only the mp3 or the computer, can be the cars or a pencil.

Monday, April 27, 2009

History Art.

Well I study history art, its a career very old but in this country is not very comun, the class has a few students with interest in comun of course ART!

The professionals contribute a lot for the society beacuse we analize the art in a philosophical way and its great how in the same piece of art can be many critics, interpetrations and a lot of point of view.

A student of history art must use many tools like esthetic, philosophy, history art in other things. This elements help us to have a knowledge what we must to have for aplly in our future job. But our career its not only paintings, we learn about movies too and this is a thing that I like it! one of my favourite directors are a Spanish guy, his name is Luis Buñuel his movies are surrealist and he was a Dali`s friends (surrealist painter), Buñuel make many movies but I like one in special, the name is "Viridiana", I´ts a critic for the realigion and charity, in the picture you can see a ironic scene about the "Last dinner" when is compose for homeless people and the blind man is Jesus. I love it!
The esthetic is my favourite subject because I like analize what are behind a painture and understand the maind of the artist.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rupanco Lake

I like visit in vacation Rupanco Lake, this place it`s a three hours of Osorno and is a very beautifull place, I go there all my holidays with my best friends, it´s wonderfull because the house when I stay in Rupanco doesn´t have electricity and the only way to get water is from the lake, all is so natural and relax because I dont have contact with the city.

Rupanco`s doesn´t have cars, only boats for go to one place and other. Get there it´s dificault because you need wait for a boat who cross only two days at week.

When you get at the house your shocking because it´s beautifull!, The house is green for not interrupt the habitat and in front of this you can see the "Puntiagudo" volcan but when rains all clouds cover the view but it´s nice because it feels like your in the sky.

Monday, April 13, 2009


My name is Camila Caris, I`m 19 years old and studie art history at the Chilean University.
I like the movies, photographie, paintings, painters and visit new country for leard about the differents cultures.
I live in Santiago de Chile.
In this blog you can found a lot of interesting thing to entertaint yoursefl like information about music, art,travels and society.
This blog are create for my class of english, I try to make a nice place when the users can read good things, see photos and have a good time.