Monday, May 4, 2009


I don´t use much the technologicals pieces but I have a Mp3 player that I like it very much because when I go to somewhere I love listen my music and be desconected with the noise of the cars, the horn, the angry people well very things.

My first mp3 was a gift of my mother for christmas but I don´t remember well exacly the day, but was a long time ago. This mp3 somebody steal to me and I had to save money and buy me other, but this new mp3 I don´t use because I don´t changer it very often.

All the people can live without a mp3 but exist many people who love the technology and they get used to use this things, I am not this kind of people but somedays I want go to the university and listen music for make me the travel more pleasant.

Well in fact the technology helps to the life people not only the mp3 or the computer, can be the cars or a pencil.


  1. Hi! (=
    one time i had a mp3 but i lost it.. and, honestly i never use it i don't like so much mp3, i don't like listening music's when i am in the bus but one thing is really: when we listening music's in a travel, the travel is so much pleasant (=
    see u!


  2. Helloooo :D
    I can live without my mp4 too, its necesary to scape from all the horrible noises
    Take careeee!!

  3. Hey camila! i also love to listen music everywhere, its freely. Like you said on your post - it helps so much to be in a good mood, while people " outside" stress themselves : D

  4. the mp3 is a magic wand! the noisse dissappear and the music changed the uncolor of the city
    see you

  5. like a song say...
    "My headphones, they save my life"
    jeje yeah..i really couldn't live without my music..