Friday, May 15, 2009

My favourite website

I don´t like very much the internet, but there are some pages on the web that I consider interesting when im boring or when I want know different things like music, concerts, clothes in other stuffs.
This website it calls , I discovered it when I was watching a tv program in Via X, a girl talked about this page when we can find a lot of girls stuffs that I like it, many times in this page I find the future concerts, parties, videos from youtube about artists that I like, tips for places where they sell alternative music, clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, presents, I don´t know many things.
I visit this website very ofter because all days had new things to see and it is special for me beacuse I will like to do a similar place when the people find information that its not comun or make food critics (that it´s a topic that I like very much, go to a restoran eat good meal and critic that jajaja).


  1. buying on internet it's cool :D
    now its a polular activity, its great whet the things arrive home


  2. HI!!!!! i LIKE THAT WEB SIDE TOO, BUT I almost never gat into it, but is quite fun, bye

  3. Hi
    i don't know this web site, but yours last words remember me one think: Pizza :D
    see u! =)

  4. Ohmygod . . i use ZANCADA when im boring too jaja
    they are like... 30 year old girls looking for a good husband. : P
    there are some funny tips
    you konw, the kind of girls that made a crowd in the - happy hour -

  5. I really want to get into that website, because of your description i think it may be great.

  6. oouuu, i never listen this page before.!
    I thik that it`s so cool!
    I love buy for internet too!
    Take careee!

  7. i didn't know about this web site, i will visit it now :)

  8. Hello zancadaGirl,
    so much art in this blogs!
    it must be for a reason