Sunday, May 31, 2009

My best friend.

Well i don´t had a best friend because i had few real friends and all are the best, but Maca is like a sister for me, i know her since eleven years, both went to the same school and our parents are best friends too so we are a big family, i do everything with Maca go to a parties, celebrate chrismas, new year, birthdays i don´t know many things, all that a person can do with somebody jajaja.
To make a lot of things together we are so differents! our personalities are the oposite i think that this element is for what reason we are so close, she is my complement and i for her, the things that make me get ungry she doesn´t and she calm me, I love her, she is the best for me! always she give me the advice that i need, well i give her too jejeje.
we`re never fallen out, i don´t know the reason but must be the complement that we are and i think that this not will happen in our friendship because we are very close well i don´t must be so confident but i hope don´t happen never :(. All my experiences with her are so funny but know i can remember jeje but all are pranks all the most of them.
Well she is my best friend and everybody must know her, she is great, sometimes she brings in her car to the university so then you can see her jejeje.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My favourite website

I don´t like very much the internet, but there are some pages on the web that I consider interesting when im boring or when I want know different things like music, concerts, clothes in other stuffs.
This website it calls , I discovered it when I was watching a tv program in Via X, a girl talked about this page when we can find a lot of girls stuffs that I like it, many times in this page I find the future concerts, parties, videos from youtube about artists that I like, tips for places where they sell alternative music, clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, presents, I don´t know many things.
I visit this website very ofter because all days had new things to see and it is special for me beacuse I will like to do a similar place when the people find information that its not comun or make food critics (that it´s a topic that I like very much, go to a restoran eat good meal and critic that jajaja).

Monday, May 4, 2009


I don´t use much the technologicals pieces but I have a Mp3 player that I like it very much because when I go to somewhere I love listen my music and be desconected with the noise of the cars, the horn, the angry people well very things.

My first mp3 was a gift of my mother for christmas but I don´t remember well exacly the day, but was a long time ago. This mp3 somebody steal to me and I had to save money and buy me other, but this new mp3 I don´t use because I don´t changer it very often.

All the people can live without a mp3 but exist many people who love the technology and they get used to use this things, I am not this kind of people but somedays I want go to the university and listen music for make me the travel more pleasant.

Well in fact the technology helps to the life people not only the mp3 or the computer, can be the cars or a pencil.