Monday, June 15, 2009

My future, maybe

In five more years I suppose see me do it a magíster in some other country about some thing jajaja or if is not in other country here in Chile because I will had 25 years and I want apart study work in something related with art for living alone and not depend of nobody. I want study a lot of for had more capacities in my field but I don´t want bee a eternal studiant and stay all my life in the university with made nothing. I see me in the future working in a gallery or make my own gallery with a coffe shop but this a plan for more than five years, I need a loooooot of years to make it and I need get a lot of money but I don’t really know, everything is unpredictable.
In personal way I don´t want be childrens a los 25 because if I don´t know what gonna happened in my future less know about some else, but everything can change in seven years from now jejeje. I hope living in a flat in a nice place with no much car noise and be happy doing my things obviously related with art.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Im talking about the video Ken Robinson's video and the importance about the creativity for the childrens education. The first part he talk about that the creativity is a element so important for a person like the education, and all childs have a creativity inside, for drawing amasing thing or tell something that can sorprendernos.

Ken Robinson says too that if the people doen´t wrong, its impossible create something original. All must have mistakes for learn of that and make new things to make adults and had capacity for confront that mistakes and don´t have frear in a future in our works or life, im agree with he.

He said that picasso thought that all childrens are artists but the problem is when grow because the education don´t motivate the child capacities, the school create persons for the industrialism no are artists beacause the always say that" you dont gonna be an artist" and you dont gonna get any job with that, but he that examples of people that made be a dancer and have a lot of succesfull in her life.

The people incentive the creative in the childrens to make a new view of the world.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The best subject!

My favourite subject this semester was the Carlos Perez class because he teach us about Freud and psychoanalysis, we learn about freud and analized different movies and literature. Its great because this class allow us see a piece of art in the psychoanalysis way.

Carlos Perez is my teacher I know he sometimes scare me because he speck so loud but it’s a really good teacher and he motivates us to thinking new things about the art. I like this subject very much for many reason but the most important is the tools that I learn to analize a piece of art, not in narratives term but yes in the tale estructure . The author give you signals to find the real significated about what he really want say and our work its finds this signals and interpretated making hypothesis. We are like detective art jajjaja.

I learn a lot of this semester in specifically how the psychoanalyst work in the art, the piece of art and their content is like the vocabulary of the one patient he occulted in his mind the real significated mediante signals that became to the “real live” but like syntoms, we like analist must be carfuly and see ( in a painture or poem) what is the real point of view the author.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My friend Kant.

Well I know that Kant is not a person that many people love it and I know too that he provoqued a lot of headaches in the sudents of history art jajaja but I consider this man the best in create the aesthetic concept, and the artist like a genious well all his books are the base for our carreer and the arts.
Kant is a german philosopher and he is considerate the most influential thinkers in the modernism, he wrote about history, religion law in other things and obviously ART. There are three books that are so important: Critique of pure reason, critique of practical reason and critique of judment the last critique is that I know more :)
I can say that he is the philosopher that i love but y consider that he is crucial in my life like student jajaja for all his work in general and the history contribution, he was for me a revolutionary person because he change the view of the people and the future generations of lectors.