Monday, June 8, 2009

The best subject!

My favourite subject this semester was the Carlos Perez class because he teach us about Freud and psychoanalysis, we learn about freud and analized different movies and literature. Its great because this class allow us see a piece of art in the psychoanalysis way.

Carlos Perez is my teacher I know he sometimes scare me because he speck so loud but it’s a really good teacher and he motivates us to thinking new things about the art. I like this subject very much for many reason but the most important is the tools that I learn to analize a piece of art, not in narratives term but yes in the tale estructure . The author give you signals to find the real significated about what he really want say and our work its finds this signals and interpretated making hypothesis. We are like detective art jajjaja.

I learn a lot of this semester in specifically how the psychoanalyst work in the art, the piece of art and their content is like the vocabulary of the one patient he occulted in his mind the real significated mediante signals that became to the “real live” but like syntoms, we like analist must be carfuly and see ( in a painture or poem) what is the real point of view the author.


  1. yeah! We're agree on that!
    but... I really think that he has a crush on you camila! O:!!!

  2. ajajaj the teacher loves you!!
    this class is great!! I post about it too