Sunday, June 14, 2009


Im talking about the video Ken Robinson's video and the importance about the creativity for the childrens education. The first part he talk about that the creativity is a element so important for a person like the education, and all childs have a creativity inside, for drawing amasing thing or tell something that can sorprendernos.

Ken Robinson says too that if the people doen´t wrong, its impossible create something original. All must have mistakes for learn of that and make new things to make adults and had capacity for confront that mistakes and don´t have frear in a future in our works or life, im agree with he.

He said that picasso thought that all childrens are artists but the problem is when grow because the education don´t motivate the child capacities, the school create persons for the industrialism no are artists beacause the always say that" you dont gonna be an artist" and you dont gonna get any job with that, but he that examples of people that made be a dancer and have a lot of succesfull in her life.

The people incentive the creative in the childrens to make a new view of the world.

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