Sunday, June 7, 2009

My friend Kant.

Well I know that Kant is not a person that many people love it and I know too that he provoqued a lot of headaches in the sudents of history art jajaja but I consider this man the best in create the aesthetic concept, and the artist like a genious well all his books are the base for our carreer and the arts.
Kant is a german philosopher and he is considerate the most influential thinkers in the modernism, he wrote about history, religion law in other things and obviously ART. There are three books that are so important: Critique of pure reason, critique of practical reason and critique of judment the last critique is that I know more :)
I can say that he is the philosopher that i love but y consider that he is crucial in my life like student jajaja for all his work in general and the history contribution, he was for me a revolutionary person because he change the view of the people and the future generations of lectors.

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