Monday, April 27, 2009

History Art.

Well I study history art, its a career very old but in this country is not very comun, the class has a few students with interest in comun of course ART!

The professionals contribute a lot for the society beacuse we analize the art in a philosophical way and its great how in the same piece of art can be many critics, interpetrations and a lot of point of view.

A student of history art must use many tools like esthetic, philosophy, history art in other things. This elements help us to have a knowledge what we must to have for aplly in our future job. But our career its not only paintings, we learn about movies too and this is a thing that I like it! one of my favourite directors are a Spanish guy, his name is Luis Buñuel his movies are surrealist and he was a Dali`s friends (surrealist painter), Buñuel make many movies but I like one in special, the name is "Viridiana", I´ts a critic for the realigion and charity, in the picture you can see a ironic scene about the "Last dinner" when is compose for homeless people and the blind man is Jesus. I love it!
The esthetic is my favourite subject because I like analize what are behind a painture and understand the maind of the artist.


  1. That's truth Camila, our career isn't only painting like people think. ART isn't only paintings. We have differents expressions about it, thanks Universe!
    I think Buñuel is great, specially in "Perro Andaluz", the scenes are amazing.

    kisses and see you in class!

  2. I think if the same thing, the term "art" is very broad, not just painting.

    well, see you later!^^

  3. Camilaaa
    i like so much buñuel too (=
    u have to see "el discreto encanto de la burguesia" it's soo nice this movie (=
    see u