Monday, April 20, 2009

Rupanco Lake

I like visit in vacation Rupanco Lake, this place it`s a three hours of Osorno and is a very beautifull place, I go there all my holidays with my best friends, it´s wonderfull because the house when I stay in Rupanco doesn´t have electricity and the only way to get water is from the lake, all is so natural and relax because I dont have contact with the city.

Rupanco`s doesn´t have cars, only boats for go to one place and other. Get there it´s dificault because you need wait for a boat who cross only two days at week.

When you get at the house your shocking because it´s beautifull!, The house is green for not interrupt the habitat and in front of this you can see the "Puntiagudo" volcan but when rains all clouds cover the view but it´s nice because it feels like your in the sky.


  1. Oh Camila, I want to go to Rupanco too! I think is so cool that you have to move in boats, it's so nice... I think that Rupanco in the winter or when's raing must be so beautifull. I like the places with see when rain. Rupanco with a chimney must be so cool!.

  2. Nice. It seems to be a very beautiful place, a good one to go to. I like quiet places like the one you described. I'd like to be there someday.

  3. Hi Camila... I've never visited Rupando, but I know a lot of people that have a very similar experience like you. And whit your post I really want to go there! I think is really special the sud in the winter so keep enyoing!
    Kisses, Maca.

  4. Oh Camila, I would like to go there too!! xD
    I've never been in the south of Chile, I always go to the north, like la serena or iquique... so i hope i could go to that place onde day!!

  5. Hi Camila: That place in Rupanco Lake sounds very beautiful. I hope some day I could know that lake,


  6. Wow! the south it's a really beautiful place! the around of the cities is the most perfect place to relax and