Thursday, October 8, 2009

My U

Okey, I will talk about the situation of my university. When I was in the school my dream was stay in this faculty and in my firsts days here I didn´t complain but the days past and past and past and I start to see the bad things. He have a lot of problem started for the infrastructure, the classrooms haven´t the equipment to resist the extreme cold or hot temperatures. And the money, that´s a big problem because this faculty are very poor so for example we don´t have paper for the toilets ( all the universities have it, it´s basic!) because the u haven´t the money for it.
In my opinion the faculty need impovent the clasrooms and the system of award for the good students. Many of us want go out of the country to continue study, but the university don´t have enough money to finance and the big problem is that very inteligent people lose the oportunities because the can finance. I think that it´s a deficit of the system design and problems with the money invest. To fix that we need a organization who see all money movements because all the students need know where going the money and what are the university invests. With this steps all are winers (except the state thief) the art student have more oportunities and the infrastructure improve, started with the toilets, green areas, more data shows, notebooks, etc. 
Mmmm, really I don´t have others recommendatios because all that I wrote it´s a nice constructive critic.


  1. hii
    I don't think that the university doesn't have the money for but, for example, toilet paper!

  2. hii very interested you opinion.

    have a nice trip to buenos aires.
    see you

  3. i-m agree with you
    we need toilet paper