Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi! I will talk about sects, really I choose this topic at the start of the class but honestly I don´t know a lot of this area, Buy well I need talk something.

The sects It´s a group of people with interest in comun can be religions, culture or politics. At the beginigs of the history name SECTS was for the people that follows a person,but now the modern term it´s became a controversial topic because the most of the people when thinking in the sects they related it with dangerous religions rituals and their consider as a problem for the community. The catholic religions it´s against the sects practice because their consider "heresy", that invoqued the devil and other ridiculous stuffs.

I believe that the sects are not a problem for the society, it´s the opcion of a person and we must respect that like we respect all our thinkings, when meanwhile their rituals or believes don´t affects the liberty of the other pepople It´s all rigth! and great for them,but obviously they must respect the other peoples belief.

In my opinion the state must take care of more relevant things like crimes and murders. They must leave alone the sects. But this topic it´s not so easy to talk because in the news a years ago a women of a sects died and she was buried at the garden, her family didn´t know that she past away and then their know that days before,the sect leader was to the jail for buried someone at the garden, not in a cemetery without say the family. It´s a controversial topic because their belief was that someone died they must bueried in the land and not go to the cementery, but for the state thats it´s like a murder and what It´s your opinion about that? It´s a interesting thing to think.


  1. I think many modern sects are born because of the declive of the institutional religions, and the secularization of thought.

  2. Is so weird that in this technological time the people still practice this kind of ritual that kill people becuase thay think that they are gonig to grow spiritually.

  3. I liked the picture you post, it reminds me a nice movie called "Oh brother where are thou?", where the characters accidentally get involved in a Ku Klux Klan mass xD