Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hello people!!! Im so happy today because we are in November and the holidays come!!! But now I write about the challenges of my career (Art History) with different topics like technology, social matters and education.
Well the technology never has been friend with the arts in general, but nowadays the thing start to change, for example a weeks ago with some friends we went to Buenos Aires to hear different expositors talking about cuestions refer to arts. One of they talk about the videogames, that is a technological thing, she tell us that her work was "inspirated" in the aesthetics of videogames. That for me was very interesting because Im not used to see that tipe of work and I consider as a challenge because the technology is a topic that could be more exploted for the artists in this days. But in my opinion the art and technology don´t must had a close relation, because the art It´s a way to open our eyes as community and show us how we are, the technology can be a tool to work but don´t be the only thing that the art works, that will be a difficault thing.
Now talking about social matters, for the arts it´s not a big challenge because the work of the arts it´s the community: their behavior, their thinkings, the capitalism and many other things. I don´t want the art start to be only a product of consume, I know that the people nowadays don´t value the art for that it is and the only important is the cost of the work, but the art need be the element of change and not been only a kitsch thing.
And the last topic that we must write is the education, mmmm... a big challenge. But more than the art challenge It´s the state challenge, our country must develop the art education, the art is not a thing of few people, the art must be teaching in the schools and not only in the universities, I don´t talking that the schools must teach the student all the elements to know about art, but we (as students) need know as part of our culture, like we know mathematics, or history.


  1. yes, the most important about all of that is that holidays are close!

  2. the technology is a very power tool to the arts and the new thinkings !!